Life in the Fleeting Moments

Life in the Fleeting Moments


These peonies didn’t look like anything special.  They were unopened, wrapped in plastic and shoved haphazardly in buckets at Trader Joe’s.  We bought them last weekend, the first time I’ve been to Trader Joe’s since I moved south in October.

We were in Atlanta to see a concert and get more familiar with the city. My relationship with Atlanta builds slowly…unlike the speed of traffic there.  (Good. Lawd.  Thankfully I was trained as a wee lass on the eight-lane freeways of Southern California.)

So these peonies sat in the backseat of the car for a few hours while we cruised around and lunched and eventually made our way back home where they were promptly dropped into a mason jar and put on my bedside table.  They stayed there for a couple of days until one night this week, just before we were to leave and get ice cream, I walked into the living room and the light coming through the windows made me stop.

I spun around, grabbed my $4.99 Trader Joe’s peonies and spent about 10 minutes zeroed in on their thin ruffles, the shade of pink, the wonder of twilight and how drastically things can change when, instead of staying back, you lean in close.  And then a little closer.  And a little closer still.  Close-ups are kind of beauty’s thing.

This is only one such moment.  Stephen is sweet and doesn’t seem to mind when I whip out my camera every seven seconds.  (And I think it will make both of our lives easier when I play my new favorite game, “what were we doing last year at this time?”)  I can’t help it.  I want to remember…

The BEST glass of Cabernet I’ve had in a while (Turnbull).
Being charmed by the book The 100 Year Old Man Who Climbed Out the Window and Disappeared.
Stephen taking us out for ice cream.  Chocolate peanut butter for me and lemon sorbet for him.
The feeling of relief when I think I’ve left the front door wide open but realize it’s just the new light pouring in from the new door and sidelights.
Getting chills and tearing up during the Tedeschi Trucks concert.
Lunch with Laura and dinners with Adam, Amanda, Wendy & Daniel and getting to know people better.
Stephen and I singing the Wood Brothers when we couldn’t get this song out of our heads.  (Despite neither one of us being big drinkers.)
These early days of watching the Braves.  When I kind of remember the players names but not the manager’s even though I like him and the story of his years spent in the minors.  We’re both new to town.
Talking to my neighbor as we sat and rocked on the front porch.

If Ferris Beuller taught us nothing, it’s that “life moves pretty fast.  If you don’t stop and look around once in a while you could miss it.”




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