House Tour: Before

House Tour: Before

I bought this house last year and loved its potential.  The woodwork is beautiful, the neighborhood and lake view lovely.  With a little time and some focused updates I think she’ll be downright charming.  At the moment she’s downright beige.

As Stephen says, “come on in the house!”


FullSizeRender copy 4

So much has already happened to the exterior of the house but this is how she looked at the beginning.  This spring I had new windows installed, the siding painted, front door and sidelights replaced, lighting and landscaping updated.  In a few months I’m replacing some old chainlink gates, adding pretty curved pathways to either side of the house and filling in some grass.



My last house was a very tall, very skinny row house in Portland, OR.  The foyer had barely enough room to fit one person.  We can have a party in this foyer! I loved the staircase, the wood floors and the light that comes in from the back windows.  Eventually the carpet runner will be replaced, lighting updated and paint color changed.

Living Room


When you enter the front door and turn left off the foyer, you come into the “great room.”  The hardwood floors were aaaaalmost enough to distract me from the kitchen which is that black/orange hole over there in the corner.  We’re all ready for Halloween!



I have big plans for the kitchen.  Namely reconfiguring the layout a bit, rehabbing and adding cabinets, updating the sink, countertops, some of the appliances, lighting and paint.  No biggie (sob).  This is the project I’m currently saving for and am hoping to dig into next fall.

Laundry Room


Can we just take a moment to appreciate that door into the garage?  Heart eyes. This room is off the kitchen and is tiiiiiny.  My plans are to take up a little bit of the kitchen space (up to where the fridge is in the photo above) so I can add a mudroom type space.  (If Pinterest has taught us nothing it’s that every house needs a mudroom.)  Other than that, just a lot of paint and some new hardware in this room.

Current Master Bedroom


Off the foyer to the right are two bedrooms.  The master, naturally, is the smallest with a minuscule closet.  Sigh.  My only complaint about this house is the lack of formal dining room and the ridiculous closet in the master bedroom.  So the 2019 project (I might be a liiiittle bit of a planner) is to close in the area where you see the current door to the room and the bathroom (on the left side of the picture) and open up a door somewhere along the wall where the closet is.  I’ll keep a closet so I don’t lose a bedroom for resale, but this room is going to become a formal dining room with access via a back hall that has a view into what will become a breakfast nook and kitchen.

Current Master Bath


The master bath is huge and eventually will be reconfigured to open up into the second bedroom on this floor to create a large, bright and airy master suite on the main level.  That room is currently serving as my office.

Current Office


The light and view in this room is so pretty.  Eventually this entrance will be closed in to make a large master closet and the wall on the right will be opened up with french doors into the foyer but that’s a couple years out. For now it serves as one very lucky lady’s office after A LOT of years in cubicle land.



This was the room that made the west coast me say???  But with tablecloth covered card tables it has become the large dining room I need for all the entertaining we do.  The newly southern me is very grateful for this space.  Once the current master bedroom becomes the dining room, this space will get updated with paint, new lighting and some comfortable seating to enjoy the backyard with (hopefully) fewer mosquito bites.

Upstairs Hallway


I love, love, love this little space.  The window faces the front of the house with a view of the lake.  My plan is to have a window seat installed and then line the wall on the left with bookshelves.  Add paint and new lighting and it’ll be a cozy little library.

Current Guest Room #1


There are two large bedrooms upstairs and a full bath.  Up until now, I’ve used this room as a guest bedroom but it’s currently in the process of becoming a master bedroom due to its size and huge closet.  Paint, curtains and you know, furniture, are in the works as we speak.

Upstairs Bath



This will become the “master bath” for the next couple of years.  Some paint and decor are all that’s happening here for a while.  Eventually it’ll get a full update.

Current Guest Room #2


This is the second upstairs bedroom that is in the process of becoming a man-cave for a certain musician that’s moving in this month.  (Bury the lead!)



I mean…where to even begin with this space.  It’s got so much potential–huge oak trees, a lot of space and a swing!  But the grade of the lot and old landscaping mean a lot of work.  I’m getting some planning help with this one and will hopefully break it into a lot of small, manageable projects over time.  I’m going for a lot of curves, gravel paths, flower and vegetable gardens, some adirondack chairs and a fire pit because a girl’s gotta have her s’mores.  Can I make you one?  In 2027 perhaps?

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